I design functional, aesthetic websites fit for all devices. I also include hand-drawn icons, animations, and illustrations.

Having trained with Develop Me, I can also make websites from scratch. That means R-E-A-L code with many brackets, divs and other cool things you may have seen in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo hacking scene (well...almost like that).

Past design projects have included a citizen sensing initiative in Bristol (still in construction), a bed & breakfast sanctuary and a fabulously minimalist portfolio site for an academic.

Idea: We talk about your idea, what you want the site to achieve and what budget you have to make it happen.

Mapping: I make a wireframe sketch of how the website could look like. You give me feedback, and once in agreement you transfer half the payment.

Design: I bring the wireframe to life, making a true mock-up of the website, selecting fonts and colours. You give me feedback.

Building: I start making/building the final design.

Implementation: I make sure the website works across various platforms and browsers.

Review: After completion, I teach you how to edit content, and you pay me remaining amount.

No project is the same, and so it is difficult to give a "one price fits all".

But to give you a rough estimate, designing a website with multiple pages will cost between £1000 - £3000.

A custom coded website will start at £3000.